Sobre os seriados gays

Saiu no site gay americano mais importante dentro da comunidade gay:


” Beautiful Brazlian Men Frolic on the Beach Together. Oh, And There’s a Plot.

 QUEERTY APPROVED — Watching this trailer for caRIOcas begs the question: Why doesn’t the U.S. have programming like this? Even Noah’s Arc was never as captivating (or, frankly, titillating) as this new Brazilian series looks to be. Producers tell Queerty that while the show — its name is a spin on “cariocas,” or native of Rio de Janeiro — hasn’t yet been picked up for broadcast, they’re “in talks” with cable company Globosat for South American air, as well as cable networks in the U.S. Please?  “

E eu não perdi a oportunidade:

It’s funny, because I’ve written in my blog: about these local initiatives for a Brazilian gay-themed series. Cariocas is fun and it serious; it’s depicting and it’s real; it’s univesal and it’s carioca.

I hope to watch it at a big broadcasting TV. And I do hope to get in touch with the producers in order to take part of this project somehow. To be mentioned at is an honor. Hope to let them know  this post by my comments.

And I hope you to help me to convince them to accept me in the cast or being at the backstage like a co-writer for instance.

Good to know the coincidence about the issues.

Good to know Brazilian gay guys  are on the screen for every world to delight and surprise.

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