We’re all criminals

We’re all criminals now


Today I was thinking about PSB. In fact, I listened to one track at my car, and figured out how they are a different group. Is not just pop music; not only music for dancing. It’s a sort of artistic conception that mixes a great deal of electronic elements and intelligent sense of humor.

That’s what is out now when they release their single: we’re all criminals.

Tennant had already mentioned his idea about this case someway. At Fundamentalism they wrote a song: Integral, in which he dealt with the question also.

For those who like PSB, here comes what was released at THE SUN.



Met shock Boys:


SYNTH pop Lords PET SHOP BOYS have penned a tribute track to police shooting victim JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES.

We’re All Criminals Now is a scathing account of the events which led to the 27-year-old Brazilian’s death on a Tube train in July 2005.

NEIL TENNANT and CHRIS LOWE’s most controversial track ever tells how De Menezes was gunned down at point-blank range in Stockwell Underground station after police mistook him for a suicide bomber.


Mistaken identity … Jean Charles De Menezes was shot dead at Stockwell tube station

London’s Metropolitan Police had been on high alert following the July 7 terror attacks two weeks earlier and after tailing de Menezes from his home in South London, shot him eight times after he boarded the train.

We’re All Criminals Now is the B-side to the Brit-winning duo’s latest single Love etc.



In it, frontman Neil sings: “Waiting for a bus in Stockwell/Cameras on my back/Suddenly hearing sirens/Sounding a panic attack.”

He goes on: “Got the bus to the station/Music playing in my head/Ran to get on the tube train/Police shoot someone dead”.

The chorus voices fears that liberties are being eroded by measures such as the anti-terror laws that followed the suicide attacks which left 52 people dead and more than 700 injured.

Chris continues: “Hey, hey/Don’t ask me how/We’ve changed/We’re all criminals now/Hey, hey/Don’t ask me how/We’re blamed/We’re all criminals now.”

The duo have never been shy to voice their opinions and Neil has been a vocal critic of the Government.

On their 2006 album, Fundamental, two tracks were aimed at the powers that be.

Integral slammed the bid to introduce ID cards and I’m With Stupid attacked Britain’s close relationship with the US.

Neil told me yesterday: “The title of the song and the song itself sum up the way the Government treats the people of the UK.

“We are all under constant surveillance and are all treated as being potentially guilty, as if we are about to commit some kind of

crime. We are all criminals now   








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