Farewell kiss


( GO OUT USA , the  pro shoes thrower manifestant says!) 

I was compelled to manifest myself after seeing the awesome Bush’s capacity of wriggling out of thrown shoes. Actually he is an authentic leader as he’s capable to defend himself from threatening shoes as well as he is capable to overcome this situation afterwards, stating he was not hit by them. But the throwing shoes’ attitude has achieved overseas reactions- including mine- of creating a movement of supporting the journalist’s political declaration.

Despite all indiscipline and lack of education- once the acting of throwing shoes is a strong insult in Iraq – the act of throwing them is a complex chain-reaction manifestation. In a sole of a shoe we leave all the dirt and bad things that we may carry along our way. It is quite representative. In a novel written by a famous Brazilian writer, Jorge Amado, one of the characters, after being expulsed by her father from her homeland, dismayed all the dirt on her shoes. Then she said: “I don’t even want to carry with me the dust of this land”. It shows how meaningful is the dust of a sole’s shoes. There’s also a history register that D. João VI’s wife, Carlota Joaquina, when forced to leave Brazil, hitting her shoes one against the other said almost the same thing as Jorge Amado’s character.

And what message could a  journalist leave, if it’s not  to be belligerent,  but the strong eloquence of a flying dirt shoe? Could it mean a naive attitude of a distempered man inoffensively reacting- and not over-reacting- to a an evil force who “has killed” innocent civilians like in a holocaust.

Although all mercy and comprehension may reach all these people that died – innocently-, what sort of life should be guaranteed to a child who’s whiteness of her own misfortune? Especially if this child has the possibility of surviving and growing up as an exception of his fate, and can, miraculously, turn to a brave journalist. The entire heritage left to this child is only rage. But the weapons that he uses cannot be as letal as the last words, the farewell kiss which the skillful executioner leaves as a final gift. However every civilian dead, every family destroyed is unhealing wound. 

 Sovereignty of the nations is the most important legacy of democratic governments, even those who still feel  the owner of the world. 

But recalling history we face many facts in which the Industries Countries imposed their imperialists wishes to their colonies. Bush has walked – at least has tried – the same idiot path England did in the 20 th century. They both misunderstood basic principles of how to rule nations- if there’s reason for that- especially nations with different credos and races. Mostly, they tried to show them how western patterns should be perfectly fit for administrating that region. A big mistake. The same perspective that had filled the Winston Churchill’s eyes with a pirate’s pride; has filled Bush’s eyes with the perspective of “re-colonizing” middle-east.  A mistake even bigger.

That’s why Bush has not felt threatened by the menace of throwing shoes. To him , the whole picture is stil in shreds, for he’s stil putting together the pieces of what he once knew as to be a leader. 

Maybe a public meeting should be the proper way of permiting people arguing properly the debate. Maybe Bush should take a sit at Iraq  public square willing to answer all the queries Iraq people are long for asking. Maybe Iraq people should give the face to accept the Bush’s farewell kiss.


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