Amy Winehouse’s You know that I’m no good

I’ve been feeling guilty for not mentioning any word about Amy Winehouse- the “Mirror”, I mean the newspaper, has done its job lately.

But I must admit that the girl is talented, due to her voice and her style. Unfortunately she has not been dealing with drugs properly. Although we know many of  great artists have been trough hard times.

But Amy has trespassed the limits in such a horrible way and without any charm. But despite all these problems which these newspapers live for, I want to write some words about her.

Most of the songs I’ve been listening to are from Winehouse’s.

I am not going to talk about the hit musics for there is nothing to say about Rehab. It’s clear her message being herself holding back any different way of life.

I am currently listening to her last album, Black to Back, in which she won five Grammy Awards. Back To Black was the biggest-selling album of 2007 in the UK, shifting more than 1.85 million copies, and has sold another 1.5 million in the US.  So we are not talking about someone, actually, she is a very strong voice singer, compared to Sarah Vaughan’s.

I like her voice and style- or I used to. When she sings something between jazz and soul, surfacing reggae; it’s a amazing combination. “Cupid’ is a good example of that.  Although she can also be very depressive when she sings “Wake up alone”- ‘though it’s beautiful ballad; “Some Unholy War”. But I have been listening to almost daily.

“You know I’m no good’ reached the hit list of many countries such as Brazil and  Ireland, also in  Europe. For sure is the song that I like most, especially when I use the subway.

The music is very similar to some I used to listen to when I was a lad. Dad liked to have his shots on the weekend and when home- almost unrecognizable- put the record of The Fevers- I don’t have a clue for what reason I think these music reminded Amy’s. However, I listen to it because its lyrics and due to its resemblance to my musical background. My preferable lines are: “Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard /Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt /You say what did you do with him today?/ And sniff me out like I was Tanqueray. (…) ‘Cause you’re my fella, my guy/ Hand me your stella and fly /By the time I’m out the door /You’re ten men down like Roger Moore.” What the bloody hell is tanqueray? Although I am a profound admirer of beverages, I didn’t know it was a sort of a world-wide- known gin. So she must be one of a kind between the women like the unique smell of an authentic tanqueray, must not she? And what about her buzzer?  Nowadays, it must be on duty every single night-  may she forgive-me, but only with a buzzer in hand she’ll get proper pleasure. For it will take a lot of courage to a fella or guy to face her in the looks she is currently displaying. And she, clearly, mentions her awareness about her own fault being so bad with herself: “I cheated myself/ Like I knew I would / I told ya, I was trouble…”And she confessed her lack of self-love, being the reproduction of what most of women do by  acting like victims: “You know that I’m no good.”

You know that I’m no good is fabulous because it is Amy herself in her actual appearance and real state of mind. But that is not the reason why I am learning to enjoy Amy.











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