1006 accesses

“Is not about sincerity” gets its 1006 th access. What does it mean?

(what the hell is: “ is not about sincerity”? – It’s my first blog address.)



Most of the accesses were of my own initiative- what may not surprise you all.  But the great majority is from people that were interested somehow. Another part of this people was just surfing on the net.

What makes me very happy is the fact that 1000 is a great deal of people. And it represents a lot of things:

1)      Most important: my friends have great patience. They received all these e-mails demanding them any kind of commentary. They love me.

2)      Most of my posts have to deal with poetry and personal impressions. So these people are very romantic.

3)      Despite of many e-mails, no one, never, ever, sent a single e-mail or commentary.

4)      Probably many of these former friends were not interested at all.

5)      Perhaps many of these were, in fact, foes that just accessed to see my mistakes at the language.

6)      Or, maybe, I’ve been a good writer.


Nevertheless, I hope you – You All – keep accessing ‘cause I’ve improved a lot. And do hope anyone could leave a drop.




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